forty days & forty nights?

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  1. Tom DH,
    I shared a cuppa in your van with you and Mr. Smith April 2010, Doolin Point. I am appalled at the prospect of the ruination of that lovely place. If there is a way to generate interest or money through the sale of my paintings to stop this project, let me know. My website is michaeldrury.com, and you have my e-mail. I’ll be there on July 19 and 20. Maybe see you then.
    Michael Drury
    p.s. the Chouinards have a couple of my pieces.

    • Hello Michael,
      I remember that cup of tea well. We didn’t have any milk. Disaster! Glad to hear you’re coming back this way – I’ll email to make sure we meet up. I’ll also fill you in on the total cluster **** that the council have made of planning in Doolin.
      ps – I still have your little booklet flyer with some lovely point conception prints in it.