pic Mickey Smith

Discussion. Basically I provide a custom order service which works best when I can meet face to face with the person ordering. Having established what waves (shape, size and possibly location) or range of waves the board is intended for, we would look at your current boards and come up with a plan to incorporate desired features of these and other boards into the new one to suit your surfing style. In this way you will hopefully get something unique and specifically adapted to your needs – and possibly something completely different to what you originally had in mind!

Materials. All boards (for now) are PU foam by ‘USBlanks’ laminated with varying strengths of cloth and polyester resin. This strength vs weight aspect of a board would typically be a significant part of the discussion process. My personal opinion is that you either go super light (4+4+patches deck, 4+fin patches base) or solid (6+4 deck, 6+fin patches base) and deal with the consequences either way. It is all, however, up for discussion – I’ve made everything from triple 6oz on both deck and base to single 4oz slippers. Fin wise I use mainly ‘FCS’ but am also set-up for ‘Future Fins’ and glass-ons.

Browsing. The idea is that the pictures of boards are tagged and catagorised by type. In that way you could search for ‘short board’ tags / catagories and only short boards would be displayed. At the moment I’m only able to post shots on the home page, but hopefully I can get that sorted soon and post under the boards page too…

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