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  2. Excuse my ignorance Tom but what conditions, waves etc does the Bobsled go best in? Looks great and real fun too!

    • These little boards are very flexible, Steve. Although at 6’4, this one is big, I guess. The bobsled is great at catching waves early, so in that respect it suits all skill levels. The short length gives you manoeuvrability and also lets you take off late on the rail – four fins help with that too. These things mean that it is great for developing turns and absolutely punishing them if you have a good bag of tricks already. The feel is the glide and tracking of a longboard with the freedom of a shortboard without the craziness of a traditional fish. The absolutely best feature of the bobsled, though, is its speed. This board will hang high in the pocket and make impossible sections on fast, walling waves. In that respect the best waves for it are long, fast pointbreaks up to about six foot, but it goes good in anything really. I ride mine a lot!