whitey, R.I.P.

Goodbye, dear friend!

I’m currently mourning the passing of my camper van, whitey. I didn’t renew my insurance at the end of the month and with that ended a six year partnership where I was provided not just transport but also shelter, comfort and warmth. Aside from being my regular wheels, whitey managed to take me as far south as The Sahara, high up into The Alps and to just a couple of surf spots. Raquel and myself were treated to a royal tour of Europe (no surfing…) on our honeymoon and several trips to her hometown of Vigo in Galicia, NW Spain. Its been a lot of fun, white fella.

with the mothership, maroc

minus rear lens, lifted in casablanca

central florence stealth camp. 40 degrees…

didn’t move on from here for a couple of days

label on the bottle lost to the cool of the river

whitey christmas

happy days and so long, brother whitey

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  1. R.I.P. indeed! I eventually lost my trusted Escort van last year in a disagreement involving a bridge, a black cat and a slippery road! We had a four year love affair untill that black cat arrived out of hell! Only recently stumbled upon your website, nice work! If I move back to that part of the world ill be ordering one of your creations for sure. With deepest sympathy. Stephen (ex Galway / Sligo)

    • Hi Steve! Sorry to here that your escort is toast too. We got a couple of black cats up here, but they are more into sofas than dodging traffic – still, keep your eyes peeled if you ever find yourself back this way! Where are you now? Tom

  2. Dublin / Kildare temporarily until I get work abroad! I was in Spain and Morocco for a few months for a much needed shot in the arm! Had the shakes there for a while!

  3. Sorry to hear the news Tom 🙁
    Lisheen carpark won’t be the same any more!

    • and I’m going to have to enter the strange world of B&B life if they take me back on! How are you, MUZ?!