more van love

I know this is meant to be about surfboards, but sticking with the theme, I pulled out a few more shots involving Whitey.




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  1. I really hope that whitey and the mothership meet again in van heaven! I hope you took out the stove etc…man I miss those days. Feral van living forever!

    • Mate, don’t get me started. Brings a tear to my eye! I’m taking everything out, Dan. Stove is going into our bedroom to provide heat for the little unit about to arrive and the rest is going to go back into another van – when there is one. Got to pass on feral living skills to the offspring, you know. In fact you could be a good instructor…

  2. mate, just give me the nod and ol’ uncle feral danos will step in and pave the way for the little gremlin! so stoked for you guys!