It has been a while, but I’ve squeezed in a couple of boards for myself lately. I’ve been using my own rides to try a few new things such as resin tints, Future Fins and fresh shapes and fin positions. This is the first of them.

5’11 x 19 3/8″ x 2 5/16″. (4+4)+4 = 2.7kg. This quad was designed to fill in some of the gaps in my Bobsled’s performance sphere. It is more compact and generally less girthy all round and I was intending extra ‘attack’ in the pocket at the possible loss of glide and down the line speed. Sea trails yesterday at a blustery down-the-line point – backhand – were good once I’d dialed the sweet-spot. Felt real tight and drivey. I think it is going to be great in clean conditions.

Matt finish, black tint on the base onto clear deck with a blue acrylic pin line were ‘interesting’ on the blood pressure, but turned out ok.

Future fins on this one is a first for me. They feel great and look strong as a product and the range isn’t too overwhelmingly confusing – now available on all DH boards on request. Definitely worth the extra effort on this board.

Kinda flat in and out, like el Bobsled.

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  1. Love it!

  2. Looks absolutely epic…plus loving the black matte…bring on the volume and fly! Nice one Tom

    • yeah lad!

  3. Looking good mate, pretty close to what I was talking to you about for myself. Gonna try and be less of a stranger soon!

    • Interesting – thinking about it, I think you would go well on this board, Mitch. Like most boards…! w.r.t. being strangers, I’m slowly realising what an effect the little ones have on your time. And you have TWO!

  4. cheers for letting me ride this today its one of sweetest boards iv been on, havnt been on a quad in a few years, bogged the rail on the first few turns but it all came together in no time!few waves later landed my first full air reverse on it, by the end of the session i couldnt have been more comfortable.this thing is fast,smooth and drivey and fly’s through the flat sections,im stoked to say the least i think ill stick to quads from now on!
    cheers tom!